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A rush job!! 70 years in the making!

In the Summer of 1951, Betty Marshall joined summer camp in Letchmore Heath, Hertfordshire. You'll see Betty (white dress, belt and buttons) in the photo above.

The photo carries some wonderful memories for Betty, the most poignant of which was this is the first memory Betty has of Stan (bottom right with a tie), her husband of 48 years, who sadly passed away in December last year from Coronavirus.

Betty's daughter Alice contacted reLOVE Photos to ask us to scan all of Betty and Stan's photos and slides so that Betty could enjoy them on a iPad and share them with her friends and family. And she wanted it all done within a week ready for Betty's birthday - it was a rush job but we delivered!

We've digitised over 3000 photos and around 1000 35mm slides covering all aspects of family life, from holidays in Torremolinos, to family weddings and births. The scanned photos that have excited the family the most were the earlier memories of long-forgotten family and friends.

And it was this photo that reminded Betty that, not only was Stan at the summer camp with her but also her school friend Veronica was there. In 2018, 67 years after the summer camp Betty's granddaughter Louise married Veronica's grandson Alex, they now live in New Zealand and this year they are shortly due to have their first child.

reLOVE Photos love bringing family memories back to life. Betty's family has grown and is spread far and wide, we hope that her digitised paper photos and slides can help weave the relationships and stories together and for them to be enjoyed for generations to come.

When we speak with our prospective customers before they order our photos scanning they want to know about the cost, quality, safety and speed of our service - we are delighted when they trust their precious photos to us and we take pride in the value, care and attention we offer. But one thing we know for sure... when we speak with our customers after we have delivered they all tell us how they have recalled distant but treasured memories from the dusty photos and albums and how this has enriched their memories.

We hope that Betty, Alice, Louise and their family continue to enjoy their reLOVE gallery and we are delighted to have played our part in their ongoing story.

Regardless of whether you have the odd precious photo from the 20s or 30s, slides from the 70s or 80s, camcorder videos from the 90s or, like most of us, boxes of photo in envelopes and albums recording your family history please contact reLOVE Photos and discuss how we can help you turn dusty photos digital.

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