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  • What is your turnaround time on orders?
    As a general rule we aim to send Premium packs out within 24 hours of order unless you have requested a specific date in respect of gifts for a special birthday or anniversary. Once we receive your photos our service will take normally up to 7 days depending upon volume of orders, Covid-19 quarantine of packages, size of job and if any special equipment or skills are necessary. If your job is urgent please let us know, we'll strive to turn it around sooner.
  • I don't know how many photos I've got
    We don't expect our customers to have an exact count of the photos. We have grouped our service offer to sizes related to boxes and courier costs (see Premium). At the end of the job we'll tot up how many photos have been scanned. If the total is below the minimum for the service we will refund the difference on a per photo basis. If the total is above the maximum for the service we will charge on a per photo basis. Per photo charges are as follows: S [Small - 0-100] (600Dpi)36p(1200dpi) M [Medium - 100-250] (600Dpi)(1200dpi) L [Large - 250-500]14p(600Dpi)17p(1200dpi) XL [500-1000] 9p(600Dpi)11p(1200dpi) XXL [1000-2000] 6(600Dpi)p(1200dpi) For example, if you send us 3200 photos and book the XXL 600dpi service you will be charged a further £72 being 1200 additional photos x 6p each. This will be payable at the end of the job processing and we will endeavour to let you know during the scanningif thsi is likely to be the case. And if you're still unsure of the benefits... read this blog Size isn't everything
  • What areas are covered by your service?
    We collect from and deliver to all of mainland UK and Northern Ireland. Over time we have provided services to many overseas customers, just send us the photos by tracked courier (Essentials), upon our order form we add an additional £10 for international return of your photos if you are outside the UK and you select for your photos to be returned.
  • I don’t want to scan as many as 250 photos. Don’t you have a service for less than this?
    We have recently introduced a 0-100 photo offering. This is on a trial basis and will help those with smaller requirements. Visit the order form and select S(mall) for up to 100 photos. Or use this to do a bigger trial - [our free trial is for three photos only] - Currently our service is stripped back and designed to cater for bulk scanning requirements. It’s possible in the future we will offer services for batches of photos at less than 250. - Remember if you're unsure you can always use our free trial offer (click here), we'll scan and reVIVE three of your photos so you can see what you get and once again you can reLOVE them digitally! - SUGGESTION: Why not team up with a friend or family member and put your photos together in a combined box. That way you can still get to 250 and you will also be able to share the cost.
  • I have two different coupon codes, can I use them both?"
    Our coupon and discounts are structured to allow only one coupon per order. YOu have the opportuntity to enter the coupon in the final part of the order process.
  • Do you offer discounts for bulk?
    We have tailored the service for the typical family "shoebox" however, we often digitise larger and more complex collections. Use the contact form to let us know what's on your mind and we can put together a proposal. We already scale down our per photo prices based upon volume. At scale we can and will get the price down to 6p a photo.
  • I have a regular commercial requirement - can you help?
    Yes, just fill in the contact form and we'll make sure someone is in touch to discuss further.
  • Do you have partner organisations
    We are passionate about photos being curated and enjoyed by familiies and also being shared amongst old friends and distant relatives. We are delighted to offer special promotions from time to time to family history and University of Third Age (u3a) groups. See Family History or u3A (University of the Third Age) for more information
  • Can you digitise videos and camcorder cassettes
    Yes we can and often do for customers. The website does not yet have all of the ordering facilities for this or slides - it's on the way!! In the meantime, you can place an order using our beta order form - just click here... Beta Order Form
  • How do I get my photos ready?
    First and foremost please make sure they are packed well so that they will not get damaged in transit. The rest is up to you. If you want the photos divided into separate galleries just group them in envelopes and label them with the gallery name. Try and remove anything that will potentially cause damage to the photos during scanning such as sellotape, blu-tac, staples or photo corners.
  • A shoebox? How many photos is that?
    A regular sized shoebox will hold up to 1000 photos. Don't worry about counting them. Quantities can vary depending on the size and style of photo, whether they are in packets or loose generally we take a fair-play approach and we know our customers do too. We don't get too excited by a miscount here or there but if we find that there is a huge difference in number of photos compared to your order one of our lab team will give you a quick call to discuss. Here's the boxes we use for our Premium White Glove service and our Premum Gift service. MEDIUM (250 PHOTOS) LARGE (500 PHOTOS) X-LARGE (1000 PHOTOS) XX-LARGE (2000 PHOTOS)
  • Can I send you my photographs in a photo album?
    We can accept photo albums but we need to charge for the time it would take us remove all the photos. Our bulk scanning service is tailored to be fast and efficient and in order to keep our prices so competitive this would take up valuable time in our lab. We will remove sleeved photos from albums i.e. photos that slide out on the following basis: Removal of photos from albums (up to 150 photos/album) £10 Removal of photos from albums (150-300 photos/album) £20 Replacement of photos in alum after scanning (up to 150) £10 Replacement of photos in alum after scanning (150-300) £20 We can scan wedding albums (and similar) without removing the photos and often do so for wedding albums and special collections. For these our standrd charges are £10 handling fee per album and then £1.00 per page for 600dpi / £1.50 per page for 1200dpi. We reserve the right to adjust these terms once we have had the album checked into the lab and have been able to validate it. Some photo albums make removal quite tricky i.e. those where the photo is stuck in (called magnetic albums) - it is best that you do this yourself, carefully and place them photos in a package with your loose photos and to send to us. We are able to scan these on our flat scanners but this is an additional cost service. Please contact us and we will quote independantly for that.
  • Some of my photos may be a little risque or racy!
    That's ok by us, our service is discreet and we take the privacy of the images our customers send us very seriously. That said and as defined in our Terms and Conditions, we are obliged, by law, to state that if we reasonably believe that any images contain illegal activities they will be reported to the appropriate authorities. We are sure you will understand this obligation and support us in this regard.
  • Can you name my files or sort my photos into folders?
    We cannot create custom naming for your photos, each folder we create will number photos numerically with a unique number. In fact, we think a great part of the whole process of digitising your old photos is renaming them yourselves once you have accessed them on the reLOVE cloud. You know the stories behind the pictures and you will be best placed to lovingly rename them for future viewings for years to come. - If you group the photos in different envelopes and label each envelope we will endeavour to create a gallery for each group and name each of these galleries as you wish. Please try and bundle photos in batches of 100+, where batches are much smaller we will charge a small handling fee of 15p per batch as it is a much more time-consuming process. (see example picture...) - See how it's done in the Sample Gallery. - The photo is a great example of a very organised client, more than a hundred folders containing their photos - we'll distribute them into folders. Whilst this customer paid a small additional charge they had all the photos distributed exactly as they wanted.
  • How large can images be enlarged to?
    We know that you will only take the opportunity to scan your wonderful photos once and therefore we have made quality the cornerstone of our offering. For this reason we scan by default at 600 dpi. Most other providers work on 300dpi. This enables you to produces enlargements with a surface area 4 times greater than if the image is scanned at 300dpi. As a guideline a 6"x4" (150x100mm) original at 600dpi will be suitable for a 12"x8" (300x200mm) enlargement.
  • Will my digitised photos be orientated and cropped correctly?
    We have designed the service with quality at the heart, Our scanners will crop the image and our lab team and the automation we put in place in our process will endeavour to orient your photos. With the volume of photos we scan and the abstract nature of some photos occassionally we will not adjust the orientation correctly. If this is the case it is easy to rotate the digital image if requried.
  • I only have a few photos to scan - can you do this?
    For practical reasons we have implemented minimum levels which equate to around 100 photos. Regardless of whether you send us 500 photos or 50,000 you will still receive a free cloud-based portfolio of your cherished originals that you can enjoy with friends and family. We provide the best photo scan service for your vintage photos - we know that when it comes to photo scanning every moment captured in your precious photos count. So whether you have 20 photos to digitise or 20,000 they will be looked after and cared for in exactly the same way.
  • Does reLOVE Photos retain any right to the images?
    None whatsoever, the rights to the photos are always yours. We will shortly be launching the reLOVE Photos Awards. If you elect that your photos are eligible for the Awards we will retain a right to include nominated and winning images in our public gallery on a non-exclusive basis.
  • What size photos can you scan?
    Our service is best designed for regular photos - often known as 6x4, 7x5, 8x6 and Polaroid sized prints but our scanners can handle beyond A4 sized images. We can scan smaller images too but if you have a lot of these it is best to contact us using the Contact Form so we can discuss the best options for you. Generally photos that are smaller than 2" / 5cm square are problematic to scan and whilst we're willing to try - more often than not we're forced to return these unscanned.
  • Can you handle slides or negatives ?
    Yes, we can scan negatives and slides. Please contact us to discuss further.
  • Why is it so expensive to upgrade to 1200 DPI?
    Photographs scanned at 1200 DPI take considerably longer to process than photographs scanned at 600 DPI. It’s simply due to the slower running speeds required by the scanner to capture the increased amount of data. Have a look at we'll show you how the additional quality makes a difference.
  • Can you scan any type of photo?
    Any loose paper based photo can be scanned as long as one edge is longer than 5cm and shorter than 20cm. We can scan photos in card display mounts using heavy duty flatbed scanners or removing them, scanning and replacing them in the mount but we make an additional charge for these of £1 per photo. Photos that are on card-backed mounts also need to go through the flatbed scanner and are charged at £1 per photo.
  • How safe are my original photos?
    This is the most frequent question we get asked. We're here to make sure your photo memories never fade away. We have worked carefully to engage high quality courier services with excellent end-to-end real-time tracking so we can make sure that when your photos are in transit they are in great hands. It is also the reason we offer the Premium service to manage the process of collecting and returning your photos to you.
  • How do you protect my images once scanned?
    Our second most frequent question!!! We take the security of your images seriously, we know that once they are scanned you will have all of the wonderful benefits to share them exactly as you wish. Our team have worked hard to provide a facility that is secure for you to enjoy your photos and be in total control as to who has access to them. We give you two choices: In the reLOVE gallery we will store your photos and provide you with password access to the gallery which you can choose who you share with. This is your personal and private gallery - only you have access to it and you can decide who you allow in. Or you can opt to take the photos by DVD and/or USB. In this case we will hold the photos on our servers for 30 days to make sure that you have received the DVD/USB and been able to upload the photos to your own system.
  • What web security measures do you have in place?
    Dependant upon your browser you will note a padlock icon displayed against the address. This assures you that the transaction is 100% secure. We have engaged Stripe to handle all of our payments, we do not store or have visibility of your card information at any point during the process. Stripe have the highest possible rating for transaction processing, PCI Service Provider Level 1, this means alongside other measures that all transactions are protected using 128-bit encryption over an SSL connection. Your photo gallery will be password secured and you control access to it. Our gallery service provider, Zenfolio, uses IBM Cloud Storage for its performance and security credentials (see here). Zenfolio's privacy policy may be found here.
  • How are my originals returned?
    We use tracked and insured courier services to make sure that your originals are safely returned. Similarly, if you select our Premium or gift services when the box is returned to us we will use tracked services to ensure your originals are safely handled from door to door. And for those of us that are environmentally conscious or are trying to reduce the clutter we can also securely shred and recycle your photos after 30 days to save the trip.
  • How long will it take to return my scanned images?
    The moment we have completed scanning and checking your photos they will be uploaded to your personal cloud-based portfolio. We will send you a link and you can start enjoying your photos straight away. The return of your originals and any DVD or USB stick you order will normally be on a next day service, you will be sent the tracking number as soon as we have it.
  • How does the Premium service work?
    The Premium service is our white gloves offering. We will take care of everything, we'll send you a box and packaging and courier labels - all you need to do is fill the box and pop onto the courier website to book your collection. The rest is up to us, your photos will be cared for as if they were our own - within days you'll be enjoying digital copies of all your wonderful family memories.
  • Will my photos come back in the same way your received them?
    We do out best to try and keep photos in the same order we receive them but sometimes we need to move photos between processes and scanning stations so we can't guarantee this. We believe that you will be so busy enjoying your digital photos on the reLOVE cloud that you probably won’t even notice!
  • Are you able to dispose of my photographs upon completion?
    Yes we can. If you are environmentally conscious or trying to declutter we can help. Select the option in your order and we will securely shred your photos 30 days after your job has been completed. It is probably obvious but this process is not reversible!!! If you choose our recycle option please make sure that you are able to check your photos within 30 days AND that you alert us if there are any issues. We will hold the photos on the reLOVE gallery but recommend and expect you will also download all photos for safekeeping within the 30 days from scanning completing.
  • Can I use my own courier to send you my photos?
    Yes. Please use a tracked courier service. We love your photos and are looking forward to processing them. We make sure we always use quality tracked services for our Premium incoming and return services and hope that you will do the same so we get no upsets along the way.
  • I have bought a gift box, can I arrange for it to arrive on a particular date?"
    Yes, the service is geared to send the gift box as soon as it is ordered but we offer the option of setting a date for delivery and we'll make sure your loved one is pleasantly surprised. You will have this delivered with a gift message and directions on how to use directly to the recipient or we can also send it to yourself so you can give it to them.
  • How does my loved one know this is a gift?
    The gift box is always a fabulous surprise which they will enjoy finding their old photos to fill it and then will be thrilled when the returned images are ready to be shared. Every gift box is sent with a gift message from the sender, full pre-paid packaging for return and detailed instructions about what they need to do.
  • Can my friends and family view the photos immediately?
    That's our complete raison d'être. We're a cloud-based operation and it is why we provide a portfolio on the reLOVE Gallery in the Cloud which enables you and your family to immediately enjoy and explore all of your treasured memories. This is a highly superior offering alongside us sending you a USB stick or DVD with 1000s of images on it which you then can copy locally and email as you wish. See our Sample Gallery
  • Can you print my photos onto gifts like T-shirts, canvases and mugs?"
    This is one of the wonderful features of the reLOVE cloud where your photos will be stored. At the click of a button you can order enlargements, photo gifts and even photo books. You will get access to the cloud as soon as your photos are scanned and we look forward to you enjoying your photos in so many new ways. You can explore this in the Sample Gallery
  • Can you upload my digital images to the Cloud (Internet) so I can retrieve them there instead of sending me a disc?
    All of our customer photos are uploaded to the reLOVE cloud and you can access all of your photos privately there. The reLOVE cloud is a secure storage facility that provides great benefits, you can download photos, create photo gifts, share access to friends and family and even comment on individual photos. You can choose whether you have your photos on disk or USB as well at a small additional cost. Check out the Sample Gallery to see how digital photos in the reLOVE Cloud take your ability to share and reENJOY to a new level
  • Do I need any special software?
    No. Regardless of whether you use the Gallery, DVD or USB option all of the photos are scanned and stored in JPEG to make them super compatible with anything you want to do with them. Just insert the DVD or USB drive and the photos should pop up straight away, if not support is just a chat or email away! Depending on the style and quality of the original photos and the resolution chosen, each file size will typically be up to 5Mb each.
  • What if I am not happy with my scanned photos?
    We take customer service very seriously at reLOVE Photos – without you, our customer, where would we be? So we’re not happy until you’re happy – that’s our promise to you.If you have a problem with your order, no matter how small, please contact us immediately. The quickest way to do this is to email us at using the ‘Message us’ service on our website. We will do everything we can to fix the problem, our reputation and your feedback on our service depends upon it.
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