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How it Works

Fast, high-quality photo quality solution for your family memories


reLOVE photos can change for ever your relationship with the photos that describe your life. We bring your family memories to life.

Our smart digital gallery will allow you to share and enjoy every moment again and again and again. 


Digital First

The moment your precious photos are scanned they are available for you in the reLOVE photos gallery.


Great Service

We track your order from end-to-end, keeping you informed and being there for any queries or concerns you might have


Secured for you

Digging out your family memories and committing these to digital is a once in a blue moon event. They're looked after as if they were our own - you'd expect nothing less. 

Book your reLOVE job online

We cannot wait to see your photos and help you share them to your nearest and dearest (and everyone else!). So we've made everything as straight forward as possible. Use our simple order form to book and pay. As soon as we get your order the reLOVE process kicks in and we'll send you full instructions and information every step of the way. 


Simple Forms


Digital Workflow




Send us your photos

We have a number of great options for you to get your photos to us. If you are giving reLOVE as a gift or want the least hassle why not let us send packaging along  with instructions and a message to a loved one - they just put their photos in the package, pop the provided label on the front and drop it into the Post Office. Our careful couriers will look after your photos until they are safely at our door. Alternatively, download the order confirmation when you place your order, drop it in with your photos and send them directly to us by any means you wish. We'll take it from there!


Insured Protection of your photos


Door-to-door service available


Optional Gift Packaging

We'll scan them

When we get your photos our lab specialists swing into action, this is the moment they've been waiting for! Using state of the art, Kodak and Fujifilm scanners they will lovingly scan your photos and where necessary they will rotate, de-border, de-redeye and enhance them so that you and your family and friends can re-enjoy every single image. Everything will be scanned to at least 600 dots per inch (dpi). We'll let you know your photos have been scanned and within moments you'll be able to access them in the reLOVE gallery.


600dpi+ scanning


Manual inspection and enhancement


Available to you in the reLOVE gallery


Now you can enjoy, share and play with them

As part of our amazing reLOVE service your photos will be exhibited in the reLOVE gallery for you and your family and friends to enjoy for 30 days. You hold the key to the gallery and it is up to you who you provide access to. And the reLOVE gallery has many extra features... you can buy reprints, photo gifts and use the photos to make wonderful photobooks. The photos are for you to download to store on other services or you add additional subscription to keep them in the reLOVE gallery for as long as you wish. We'd be delighted to look after them for you!


Cloud gallery available globally


30 day FREE gallery access


Make reprints and photo gifts

We'll send them back to you or securely shred them 

The photos and images are yours, always yours. When you book an order with reLOVE you can decide whether you want a USB stick with all the images returned or just have access to the digital reLOVE gallery. You can also decide whether you would like the original photos returned or to have them shredded and recycled after 30 days. We know many of our customers feel, as we do, about the joy of decluttering and the desire to be as energy efficient as possible. Our service has been designed to allow you to decide how you wish to align to these themes.


Returned on USB Flash drive


Securely shredded


Insured courier return of originals


Finally we'd love your feedback and to enrol you as a reLOVEer

We truly appreciate every customer that trusts us with their most valuable memories. We know how much our happy customers love to tell their friends and family about our service. And many go further and give us feedback that we can share with other customers. We welcome this so much we provide each of our customers a discount code they can pass to any friends and family so they can also share their amazing photos and when they use this code we will provide you additional access to the reLOVE gallery. 


Let your friends reLOVE 


We love your feedback

Share on social media and photo platforms

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