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Give the gift of reLOVE

Surprise a loved one ... allow the reLOVE lab to bring precious memories back to life and ready to be shared from the reLOVE gallery .

We send a gift box to a loved one, let them stuff it full of old photos and return it to us. Then the reLOVE starts. We'll scan, correct and create a fabulous relove gallery, returning their photos safely in a jiffy along with a usb stick. Not only can they enjoy, and download their photos from the relOVE gallery they can also produce photo books, photo gifts and share them with those they love.


Receiving a reLOVE Photos gift is the opportunity for your loved one to get the old photos out of the attic and share them digitally with friends and family for evermore. 


Order Online

Select GIVE RELOVE from this page to order your Gift for a loved one. 

As you place your order you can choose the size (approximate number of photos), the quality (we have upgraded you already to High quality for free but we can scan at our Highest quality if you want super clarity for enlargements) and other options.

We'll take your details and who the gift is for and finally, inevitably, we'll ask you to make a payment. 



We'll send a gift box

On your chosen date, we'll send a package to your recipient with your personalised greeting, full instructions, a gift box for them to fill with their lovely photos and a labelled mailing bag for the return. 

You can imagine their surprise receiving a gift like this. What is more personal than rekindling a lifetime of happy memories.

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They hunt down all their photos

Your loved one fills the box with photos, pops the box in the provided mailing bag and drops it into any Post Office . 

We know for the feedback we get how much our customers have enjoyed re-discovering their photos squirrelled away in boxes and albums, backroom shelves and attics. The experience of finding the photos almost pales into insignificance with the fun of sharing those photos and memories which they will shortly be able to do. 

It's as easy as that, now it's up to us....

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We'll scan and upload them

As soon as the photos arrive, they will be passed to one of the reLOVE photos lab specialists. Handling your photos with care they will scan, correct and upload each one. In no time at all your loved ones precious memories will be online in the reLOVE gallery.

Our lab specialists are very proud of their work, every photo will be properly orientated and they will check as they go to try and remove borders and red-eye where possible. 


As soon as everything is loaded and been through our multi-stage quality check we'll send you and your loved one a link so you can start to enjoy the photos straight away. From the reLOVE cloud you can download or comment on photos, you can also order reprints and photo gifts straight from the site.  



We'll return the photos

At your choice we will return the photos or destroy the photos once uploaded. When you place your order you can also choose whether your digital photos are provided just on the reLOVE cloud or also returned on a USB key or a DVD disk. 

If you choose them to be destroyed we will hold them for 30 days in case you change your mind and then will shred them.

Your photos will be kept on the reLOVE cloud for 90 days, we will write to you and offer extension packages if you'd like to keep the photos on the cloud for longer, even indefinitely. 

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