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Photo Scanning

The reLOVE photo lab is your one-stop shop to digitise all your wonderful memories. We will manually scan all of your colour, black & white and sepia photos at high resolution [now at 600dpi!!]


We are not miracle workers but we have a few tricks up our sleeves. We'll make sure every photo is properly orientated (if you were to see some of the images we process you'll know this is no mean feat!), we'll try to sharpen your monochrome prints and balance your colours to allow the detail to be sharp without the extremes you'll often find in colour photos of a certain vintage and where we can we'll remove the borders and the red-eye..


The technicians in the Lab love photos and you'll see that in their work, but they can only work with what you send them, with the technology in the lab and their own photo-brilliance gleaned from scanning, re-loving and re-living thousands of photos. We know that every photo will be transformed into the best digital image we can so that you can enjoy and share forever.


It's your choice...

  • You can upgrade to our highest quality scan, 1200dpi (dots per inch) adds greater precision and is useful if you intend to enlarge the images

  • You can read all about Quality here

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