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reLOVE Photos are honoured to work with MS-UK and their supporters.



In the quiet corners of our lives, memories dwell, encapsulated in the warmth of fading paper photos and dusty video tapes. For those with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) diagnosis and their families, these memories often become even more poignant. In a humble effort to support people living with MS and their families, our photo scanning and video conversion business endeavors to preserve the essence of these precious moments.

We recognize the significance of family history in providing strength and inspiration. Our mission is to alleviate the burden of physical deterioration that both photos and video tapes inevitably face, ensuring that the legacy of life, love and joy endures in a digital format. By converting these cherished relics into a more resilient and accessible medium, we empower our customers and their families to relive, share, and pass down their stories with ease.

Our commitment goes beyond digitization for the MS Community; it extends to fostering connections and creating a tangible bridge between the past and the future.


Together, we strive to build a repository of enduring memories, offering a source of comfort and inspiration for those navigating the challenging journey of Multiple Sclerosis.

Every order placed using the coupon code MSUK will attract a huge 15% discount on all digitisation and will also support the MS-UK charity.


Multiple Sclerosis UK Limited

Registered Charity Number: 1033731

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