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Yesterday's child is today's U3A member...

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

We are reLOVE Photos and we have seen with wonder how U3A has grown into such an miraculous organisation. The University of the Third Age (U3A). U3A is a special organisation that joins together almost 500,000 members across the UK that are no longer in full-time work.

Many of you have already taken the opportunity during the Coronavirus lockdown to clear everything, only to scratch their heads over what to do with the precious boxes of old paper photos which cannot be thrown away and need care and attention.

What to do? Entrust them to reLOVE Photos. We scan them digitally so they can be shared and enjoyed with their friends and family. Not only is this the perfect lockdown project, we know that our customers have marvelled as they have been reacquainted with many of their photos – often wonderful records of the 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s that feature our customers and all the wonders of the time as they were growing up.

We want to take the opportunity to provide a special offer to U3A members throughout 2021 so that they can recapture and share their photos far and wide. As U3A members are 55 and over, much of their life, and that of their families remains captured on photos in boxes and packets dating back many decades.

Any U3A member who uses the special referral code REFER-U3A when they place an order will be able to choose a special free gift worth up to £30. And this is on top of any other discounts that reLOVE Photos are offering at the time.

reLOVE Photos make turning your photos digital so easy.... let's explain how it works...

  1. book your service online, if you use our Premium service we'll send you a box immediately.

  2. dig out all your photos, put them in the box and return them to us, our courier will do all of the hard work they will even collect from you if you wish and then securely deliver them to our lab.

  3. As soon as they arrive at the lab we will let you know they are safe. Our lab then clicks into action, scanning all of your photos to digital and uploading them to your private photo gallery.

  4. Within a couple of days of placing your order your photos will be live on your private reLOVE gallery. You can then share them far and wide with friends and family.

  5. The photos themselves will be sent back to you - but here’s another idea, if you are REALLY trying to declutter, we can securely shred them for you instead. Your choice.

So whether you're looking for a lockdown activity, desperate to declutter or purely want to relive and share your amazing family's past, this is the once in a lifetime project that shouldn't wait - with reLOVE Photos we can help you not let your photos or your memories fade.

I’d highly recommend them; really friendly and helpful and something I wish I’d done years ago. (Mr A.G., Herts)
“I really didn’t know what to do with them! It was so easy! Thank goodness they are safe now.” (Mrs R.C., Islington)

u3a groups may wish to add this to their website or publicise this to their local members. If you run a u3a group and want more information or a banner to include on your website/eNewsletter please email us on Alternatively Just let your members know that when they order from they must use code REFER-U3A when prompted to secure their special gift. More details are available at\u3a.

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