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Don’t let your precious memories get washed away!

When flooding severely damaged Mum’s home in the fatal German floods of July 2021 it wasn’t losing her furniture or washing machine that made her was losing all her photo albums containing precious and irreplaceable memories of my parents’ wedding day, my sister and me as young children and happy family times with loved ones no longer with us.

Above- the aftermath of the flood at Mum's home - somewhere in this heap are her treasured photos

Thankfully I had copies of some of our family photos and was delighted to find that with reLOVE these paper photos can be turned into digital copies and new photo albums for Mum. The reLOVE team even offered to help us convert the photos to digital for free when they heard about what had happened. It’s so heartwarming to be offered help when you’re caught up in a disaster such as this.

But many of Mum’s photos are now lost forever – if only we had thought of having them converted to digital copies, they would now be safely stored in “the cloud”...

If you or a loved one have special photos only in paper format, make sure you keep them safe by getting in touch with the team at reLOVE! The process was really easy and quick – just put together a collection of photos that you couldn’t bear to lose and send them over to reLOVE. They will do the rest, scanning your photos and loading them to a private cloud gallery and you will get your photos back, of course!

Flooding or a fire are already devastating and losing precious memories just makes it even worse.

I can’t wait to hand over the new photo albums to Mum and see her smile again!

Sabine MacDonald

July 2021

..... and this is me back in the 80s!!

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