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Decluttering the house has never felt so satisfying...

So said our recent client, Tracey Gillespie, in a wonderful review after her 5000+ memories were photo scanned and brought online in her private gallery.

Christmas crackers with my brother and sister, where have the years gone? Alan is now a policeman, 40 years old with two daughters of his own! And Lizzy also has a daughter, looks just like her (but without the silly string)!

She has hit the nail on the head ... it's about memories, nostalgia, the new generations remembering the previous generations and a little declutter on the side!

Tracey managed to squeeze 20kg of photographs into our XXL box (we normally expect 2-3000!) but at a cost of 6p a photo after the first 2000 she recognised that not only do reLOVE Photos offer amazing value for money but we have both the capacity and experience to deal with larger collections. In fact, we often deal with collections of more than 10,000 photos.

So what did it mean to Tracey, you can read her review here, our favourite quote is below.

...all accessible at my fingertips, revisited in seconds, remembering people we met, the fun times we had, the nostalgia of it all...digitalising all my paper photos? One of the best moves I ever made!"

Tracey has been kind enough to allow us to share a couple of pictures that caught our eye, we asked Tracey for the back story. We were delighted that she was happy to to share these below... but we'll keep it brief as there is one thing we know at reLOVE Photos ... "a picture is worth a thousand words!"

I had a fear of water then, I have a fear of water now...but look at me paragliding over the Mediterranean in Paphos, Cyprus. Forever trying to conquer my fear!

This was a visit to Neushwanstein Castle in Germany, and the amazing waterfall within the grounds, one of the favourite places I ever visited, I highly recommend a trip there, beautiful and steeped in history.

You can read Tracey's full review of reLOVE Photos on Google reviews at link here or you can experience the magic of digitising your family memories at reLOVE Photos by clicking here.


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