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How an Old Photo Album Helped Jason Discover His German Roots

Jason from Torbay asked us for help with a photo-scanning project. Jason was helping to declutter his aunt's house in preparation for her moving into a care home. His aunt Louise was limited in what she could take with her, but with a life-long passion for photography, she wanted to take as much of her work with her as possible.

Faced with thousands of pictures taken over many decades, including many hundreds of him growing up, Jason convinced his aunt that converting her prints to digital was the way forward. After researching online, Jason approached our team at reLOVE Photos for help. Jason chose our Essentials package due to the enormous amount of photographs he needed to scan.

Our Essentials package makes it easy to scan photographs in bulk, as you can choose the approximate number of photos you want to scan. Jason knew it would take him a while to work through his aunt's massive collection, and our Essentials package allows you to work at your own pace. Once you have placed your order, you can print your order sheet to include in your box of photos. This is sent to you via email. Your confirmation email will also contain all the instructions you need to quickly and easily get your original photos to us using a tracked parcel service.

While sorting through his aunt's photos, Jason made an exciting discovery. One of the photo albums on a shelf contained pictures of people he didn't recognise. When asking his aunt about them, she explained that her family had moved to the UK from Germany in the early 1900s before she was born. Unfortunately, her parents had lost touch with their German relatives.

Jason wanted to know more about them, so he decided to research his family online, eventually tracking down cousins living in Germany that he never knew existed! He managed to contact them, and they were thrilled to hear from him. Jason will now work with one of his cousins on connecting their family trees to include each family branch. He has also been invited to stay with his newly discovered relatives to visit their old family town and learn more about where his ancestors lived and worked. He plans to take some time off work later this year to visit Germany and meet his cousins.

Jason's fantastic discovery is a reminder to us all that family history is important. Looking through old photographs can help us understand our roots and even lead to discovering long-lost relatives living in other parts of the world.


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