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Digitising slides was like "steering the Time Machine deep into our family memories"

We know how valuable photo scanning has been to our customers in helping them preserve the memories held in their old photographs. However, remember that we can also help you convert more than paper photos to digital ones!

For example, we can convert the old photo slides that your grandparents used to load into their carousel projector and entertain you for hours, projecting images onto a wall.

Slides were once a popular way to view and share photos. But as technology has advanced, slides have fallen out of favour. Many people today don't even know what a slide is, let alone how to use one!

That is why converting your old slides to digital format is essential. This will allow you to easily preserve your memories for future generations and share them with your family.

Many slide collections have been passed down to family members who are at a loss to know what to do with them. This is where we can step in to help reLOVE your family slide photo memories. You can send us your box of paper photos, photo slides or even old family videos, and in an instant, we will digitally reLOVE them for you.

This is precisely what we did for Ruth and David from Broadgreen, Liverpool. Ruth and David contacted us to learn about preserving their vast collection of slides inherited from David's father on his passing. They contained a treasure trove of his father's memories, from his wedding day and honeymoon to the birth of his children and many family holidays and Christmas parties. Each photo was a thread in the tapestry of his life, and David didn't want to lose them.

The couple knew we were good at preserving family photos as they had used our services before when downsizing their home and had little room to store their many photo albums. However, having inherited many slides without the original projector, they knew we were the right team to help them.

When David first saw the slides he contacted us in delight and told us that converting these slides was like "... steering the Time Machine deep into our family memories..."

Ruth and David also knew that slides can deteriorate over time due to humidity, dust, and sunlight. Unfortunately, some of the slides had perished from being kept in damp conditions, so they knew time was of the essence to preserve the memories held on the remaining slides.

Our team at reLOVE carefully scanned the slides, ensuring every detail was captured. We uploaded the images to our cloud server, where David could rename them, adding the dates they were taken for easy sharing and future viewings.

Preserving the slide images in a digital archive will allow Ruth and David's children and grandchildren to know who their previous family members were and where they come from.

Ruth and David's story reminds us that our old photo albums and slides are more than just collections of pictures. They are a record of our memories, our stories, and our lives. Preserving them digitally creates a bridge between the past and the present and a way to connect with the people we love and the places we have been.

If you have old photo albums, slides or home videos that are precious to you, professional photo scanning is a gift you can give yourself and your family for future generations.


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