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Enjoy the Summer of reLOVE

This picture, from 1967, encapsulates a great story.

Andy is pretty sure this was the first photo which demonstrated his engineering prowess. From these humble roots he graduated with a 1st in Mechanical Engineering and followed this with a brief Army career before starting a successful business manufacturing bespoke components for the railway industry. He sold the business last year and now, with a little more time on his hands we met him mid-declutter.

We're not sure that Andy, now 57 was much help in fixing his father's

leaking radiator but, Tom, who just celebrated his 85th birthday tells us he has always cherished this photo. Both Andy and Tom have copies of this photo taking pride of place in their homes.

reLOVE Photos have digitised more than 8000 photos and 1500 slides for Andy and Tom. They decided to recycle the photos and we were delighted to help with this - around 40% of the photos that pass through the reLOVE Photo lab are recycled - it is a crucial part of our offering and welcomed by declutterists, sustainers and digitisers alike.

1967 was the Summer of Love, celebrate the Summer of reLOVE 54 years on by giving your dusty photos a proper workover and turning them digital. Our photo scanning service will scan all your family photos and we can also turn slides, negatives and videos digital so they can be shared with friends and family for generations to come.

Thanks Andy and Tom, we loved sorting out your photos and slides - we hope you enjoy them digitally for years to come.

If you want to join the Summer Of reLOVE then use code SUMMER10 - we'll take 10% off the cost of all of your processing and give your photos, slides and videos some long overdue reLOVEing!


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