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When were your parents born?

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

It is very tempting to think that your parents life began when you were born.

And you'd be forgiven for thinking that - we all know they had a life before but we only know about it third-hand. Of course, for each of us our arrival on the scene changed our parent's world beyond recognition but they had a life before!!.

So how do we get to know about the early days ??? Old photos and stories are the best way to bring it to life.

Take Julie for example...

Julie found this photo of her parents Sheila and Paul from the late 80s and it inspired her to trawl the past to put together an album for their 50th wedding anniversary.

reLOVE Photos were delighted to scan all of the photos and slides that Julie could find. The family now have a wonderful digital gallery and they have collated a photo book for Sheila and Paul's 50th and another for Paul's parents who have just celebrated their golden anniversary too.

Julie was kind enough to share what it meant to her to get hold of these photos and here's some snippets:

  • All of a sudden I get to see Mum and Dad's childhood and my own!

  • Mum riding a horse and a motorbike - who'd have known!

  • Dad in a school play - awful - but a true surprise!

  • Dad had a huge case of slides in his shed as long as I can remember - from my grandparents - now we've got a huge gallery of photos and we can share them with anyone. And we did an amazing book through the reLOVE lab for their 50th which they adore and talk about incessantly!!

  • We've got photos of Grandma at work at the bus company and Grandpa fishing (nothing changes!!)

I had no idea Mum had even heard of the Beatles - all of a sudden I found teenage pictures of her at Heathrow in 1966 waiting for the Fab Four to return from the US.

Julie would encourage anyone to scavenge the dusty photos, slides and albums "archived" in attics, garages, back rooms and sheds. Digitise these memories with reLOVE Photos so that they can be enjoyed and shared forever and wherever by whoever you want.

According to Julie, not only has she learnt so much about her parents she has also realised that she can share all of her photos from childhood with her kids so that they know what she was like before they came on the scene.


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