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JOE 90

A huge photo collection scanned to celebrate Grandpa Joe's 90th Birthday

When Joe (nickname Woody) turned 90 during November's lockdown his grandsons wanted to surprise him with a special photo book. Toby and Julian had found boxes of old photos at home and they contacted reLOVE Photos.

We were delighted to help them with the project, they booked our Premium (white gloves) service so we sent them by return post a suitable box and it was duly returned within a couple of days by our secure and tracked courier service. It was stuffed full of photos dating back to Joe's grandparents wedding in 1899 and covering all aspects of Joe's life. Joe's father and Joe were keen amateur photographers and the boys sent us over 2000 amazing family photos.

Our lab went to work, the photos were properly orientated, checked and professionally scanned into their private family gallery in the reLOVE cloud. Within a couple of days of placing their order the photos were digitally scanned, online and ready for all to enjoy. As all the photos were digital, Toby and Julian set to work using the reLOVE Photos "Create a Book" option to make a beautiful 30 page book for Woody (Grandpa Joe). The picture on this blog was the image they chose for the front cover. It was taken in Gibraltar during the 1980s.

The family each now have a treasured copy of the book and the preserved memories for generations to come.

And what did they call they title the book .... of course, JOE 90!

Whilst we'd love to was lyrical about the praise that Joe had for the team at reLOVE Photos we'll hold this back for now and doff our hat to Toby and Julian for an excellent job extremely well done. It was a huge surprise to Joe - he did not know that most of these photos still existed and during the tough lockdowns through the end of 2020 it gave him huge joy and a chance to share priceless memories with those he cared for the most. And about reLOVE Photos ... he said some awfully nice things!!!


Joe, Toby and Julian have given us permission to tell this story and to include this photo - we did not ask the monkey!


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