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3 things a Mother wants on Mother's Day

It may be fairly obvious but when we cut through the traditions of flowers and fancy tableware there are some more fundamental things that any mother really wants on Mother's Day.

First and foremost, to spend time with her extended family.

As the UK is still deep in lockdown this is not generally possible so many families have resorted to digital tools such as Zoom to bring everyone together. Most families only have the last 15-20 years of family photos digitally, every other photo is on paper, in boxes, packets and albums that in many cases haven't been viewed for years. But unlike other items untouched for years these are not clutter and are not for the dump. These are the amazing memories every family has of childhood, of ancestors, of families growing up.

reLOVE Photos can help close that gap, even when we tragically can't get together because of COVID take the opportunity to reminisce and share your family history, let us professionally scan your photos to digital and make this a Mothers' Day to remember.

Secondly, every Mother wants to be pampered

We all love being pampered, reLOVE Photos provide the perfect service which is truly indulgent. Our Premium and Premium Gift services are white-glove offerings from end to end.

We'll send a box for your photos, our tracked and secure courier will pick up the box when you're ready (it's all included). We'll scan your photos to digital and within a day or two of you sending them they'll be live and available on your personal family gallery which you can share with whoever you want.

You can also use our lab and processing facilities to reproduce photos, make photo books or photo gifts. Once we have made your photos digital you can continue to pamper mum in any way you wish.

Thirdly, what Mother doesn't like surprises?

Our Premium Gift service is genuinely a once in a lifetime gift. Your Mother will receive our unexpected gift box with your personal gift card and all the instructions she needs. How exciting!! She'll load up the box and drop it into the Post Office or call our courier - our tracked service is secure and will care for every photo as if it were our own. Within days we'll have all of her photos digital, online and ready for the whole family to enjoy.

And just imagine the fun she will have finding the old photos and sorting them out ready for scanning then sharing with friends and family old and new.

We'll take care of all the couriers, the photo scanning, the digital gallery and making sure your Mum gets a surprise that will long outlive chocolates, flowers or wine.


Contact us to find out more about our photo scanning to digital service or just book online....

020 3930 9985

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