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University of the Third Age - u3a 

reLOVE Photos are keen to support u3a groups and their members around the UK. We have scanned tens of thousands of photos for u3a members who have used the opportunity to turn all of their paper-based family memories to digital .


This is even more important when you consider that many of these photos date back a Century or more. The reLOVE Photos lab will professionally care for and scan these photos before loading them into a private gallery where our customers can share them with friends, family and, of course, if they wish, the rest of their u3a group.

If you are a u3a member please use code REFER-U3A to claim your free gift.  This is on top of any discount code we might offer at any time. 


Register your u3A Group here for FREE as a reLOVE Photos partner. We will shortly list all of our registered u3a groups here to help introduce our customers to local groups should they wish to join.

We also regularly offer discounts and special offers to u3a members as a whole and additional offers to registered groups.

Learn, Laugh, Live

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