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5 photos that need some explanation...

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

Here are some photos that, with the kind permission of our customers, we can share with you. No-one knows the back story behind any of these so they're crying out for a bit of creativity.

Whether you want to guess the story, give each a caption or just tell us which is your favourite we'd love to see what you come up with.

And if you want to use the photos on your website or social media feed - feel free, be our guest (please reference if you do).

It almost looks like Boris Johnson in the lead photo? Who? where? why? Any ideas?

The easy bit... we think under the balloons is a black London cab - but why????

This probably lends itself to a caption competition, who can improve on....

Hmmm... I just told the kids to get in the back of the car

No idea where this is, anyone recognise? Is that a queue for the hot-tub?

Amongst many things of wonder in this photo; the lady on the right appears to be holding a cardboard guitar, the lady on the left a makeshift drum and the one in the middle lettuce leaves on a stick. Who can explain?


At reLOVE Photos we love fun and unusual photographs. These particular photos were pointed out to us by customers (otherwise we'd wouldn't have seen them) and we were delighted to put them out there to hear your thoughts.

And to spice it up the most creative answers will get a bonus along with their first orders from - this is on top of any promotion we are running.

reLOVE Photos are experts at scanning paper photos that have been sitting in dusty boxes and packets. We create a private digital gallery for our customers so that they can share photos with friends and family and enjoy their digital memories forever.

Explore our offerings at Why not give the ultimate unique Valentine's Day gift of our Premium Gift service (see - it is a white gloves service. We deliver a gift box with full instructions to your loved one, they fill the box with paper photos, our courier picks it up and, hey presto, in a couple of days all of their paper photos are available in a shiny new private digital gallery where they can share and enjoy the photos as well as make photo books or gifts.

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