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5 Tips for your Shoebox of Photos

Every family has lonely shoeboxes full of photos and negatives that nudge us every time we open the cupboard under the stairs, go to the loft or or look to the top shelf of the closet. These boxed photos don't just look and feel unloved but, as the hypothetical question goes....

If your home were on fire, what would you save?

After your family, friends and pets are safe, most of us would save our memories—paper photos, to be specific.

Don't wait. Time is not a friend of paper photos. Cheap ink and paper, poor storage, light, temperature change and humidity threaten the chance of these precious memories being shared by future generations.

So here are some tips for preserving these and relOVEing these photos.

Find your paper photos

This may seem obvious, but do you know where all of your paper photos are? Some may be in books or albums tucked onto the seldom seen shelves.

As a journey of 1000 miles starts with a single step ... so we start by gathering together all of our old family photos.

Get them scanned to Digital

reLOVE Photos will scan all your photos and load them into your personal cloud Gallery. It means that every photo will be restored and ready in a jiffy.

With the relOVE Premium service all postage and packaging is taken care of - a properly White Gloves service!!

Organise all your Photos

This is where the fun start. Now all of your family photos are digital you can start to organise them for yourself, your friends and the future.

There are plenty of different approaches to take to organising...

  • by theme- perfect if you want to assemble photo books or collections

  • chronologically- ideal to tell a life story or build a year book

  • by event- grouping every birthday party, wedding, holiday and family event

Use a familiar folder structure to help you organise photos. Or the free Gallery if you use reLOVE Photos.

Share your Photos with family and friends

This is what it's all about. All your photos can be shared, memories rekindled and relived and stories retold.

Whether your family are local or live in Aberdeen, Arizona, Adelaide or Abu Dhabi - sharing and reliving will be enriching for generations to come.

Use your digital photos

The most crucial thing is now that your photos aren’t trapped in a box you can use them in many different ways. From photo gifts such as calendars, mugs and photo books to shared galleries and video montages - digitising your photos helps you reLOVE your family memories and declutter in the process!


reLOVE Photos provide a professional digital scanning service for your paper photos. Check out their products:

  • Premium - the White Gloves service, order a Premium box, fill it and return it. reLOVE Photos will scan everything and provide you a free personal digital cloud gallery of all your photos to share and re-enjoy.

  • Premium Gift - why not give the reLOVE Premium service to loved ones as a special, unique, once-in-a-lifetime gift. Watch the video below or click and have a look at the website.


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