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A box full of love

When Janice contacted us from Aberdeen she told us she had a "box full of love" for reLOVE!

She had found her fathers photo collection when clearing the family home after her mother had passed - she needed to get them dealt with before she returned to her home in Belfast.

reLOVE rushed her a box, packaging and courier booking on a 24 hour service - the photos along with a few video cassettes were in the lab within 2 days. By the time Wendy was back home she and her extended and distributed already had access to their photos and videos and were enjoying them all over the world.

And her box of love.... 1871 photos, 112 slides and 14 video cassettes that had not been seen for almost 30 years. We were delighted to help Janice and she was clearly delighted with the service from us and within a few days we had a further order - and this what she said...

I just wanted to let you know we love our photos. They are so clear, even the old ones. I first got you to do my mums photos so they weren’t just in boxes in a cupboard. Everyone in the family could then share them. I then got our photos done and put in to files so our children will always have these treasured memories. It’s such a wonderful idea and I have had a fantastic professional service. I will definitely recommend this to everyone😊

It is our honour to help families digitise their memories whether through photo scanning or video transfer. If you'd like reLOVE to help with your photos and videos take a leaf from Janice's book and get in touch today.


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