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A Golden Idea to Celebrate a Life Through a Lens

Now and then, we get exceptional requests from customers that come to us with very special photo-scanning projects. One of our favourite projects was helping Sarah from Glasgow to commemorate her parent's Golden Wedding anniversary in a rather clever way!

Sarah had been planning her parent's Golden Wedding anniversary for months, and all was going well. Then Sarah had a genius idea. She knew that her parents would be thrilled to see their loved ones gathered together to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary, but what would make the whole event better was if the members of their family brought with them their favourite memories of her parents in the form of photographs and family albums that featured them!

So Sarah asked the relatives attending to bring some photos of her parents, explaining that she wanted to digitalise the pictures to create a lasting memory of her parent's life together. She would then return the photos but could share the digital copies made with everyone. She knew her parents would love to see old pictures of them kept by other family members, and she thought it would be a great way to preserve their memories for future generations.

After the party, Sarah spent time sorting through and labelling the photos that her relatives had brought. She then worked with our team at reLOVE Photos to scan the pictures so she could create a unique album for her parents. She asked us to save her images on the reLOVE cloud and to a USB stick. This allowed Sarah to download her photos from the reLOVE gallery, produce photo books for her aunts and uncles, and keep all the photos safely backed up on the USB stick.

Sarah was so happy that she had asked her relatives to bring their photo albums to the party. It was a great way to preserve her parents' memories and a lot of fun to share the photos with her family. The gesture really touched her parents. They loved seeing their life together in pictures and were grateful that Sarah had sought the help of reLOVE photos to digitalise them.

Sarah chose our Essentials Service as it allowed her to work at her own pace. After sorting through the original snaps, she could work out the approximate number of photos she wanted scanned and found it easy to order her service from our website. Sarah followed the simple instructions we sent her in an introductory email and packed the photos in a sturdy box to send to us. She used a tracked parcel service to send her pictures so she could follow their journey every step of the way.

In no time, Sarah could access her family photographs via the reLOVE gallery to start creating her unique commemorative photo album for her parents.


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