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A Parting of the Ways But Equally Sharing the Same Photo and Video Memories

Our team at reLOVE understand how painful divorce can be. Dividing up family photos following a divorce can be a complex and emotional process. But sometimes, this process can be amicable, especially when you can digitalise your old photographs so both parties can keep hold of their shared memories.

We were pleased to help Nigel and his ex-wife convert their many years of gathered photographs and videos following their amicable divorce. Nigel moved from the family home in Hemel Hempstead onto a narrowboat on the Grand Union Canal the couple had brought together many years previously.

"Our kids and their families are so pleased to have access to all of our family memories now the photos have been scanned and camcorder tapes converted to digital. "

The living arrangements aboard the narrowboat left Nigel with little option but to leave behind his share of the family photos due to lack of space. However, his ex-wife was more than happy to keep hold of them for him.

But a few years after their split, both had moved on with new partners, and Nigel didn't want to risk losing many years of precious memories stored in the photos still stacked up in the attic of his old family home.

He also needed to consider the feelings of their children. By working with reLOVE Photos, Nigel made sure they had access to the photos and videos that were important to them.

Nigel had been very organised in dividing up the photos fairly and amicably. He had taken an inventory of all the family photos, including the dates, events, and people in each image. This made it easier to decide which photos were most important to both him and his ex-wife.

Naming and sharing the digital copies was easy with reLOVE

Nigel and his ex-partner had agreed on sets of photos they both wanted, so they were the first to go into the pile for our team at reLOVE to process for them. Nigel was happy not to keep any of the original photographs, so he made the decision to have the originals securely recycled by us as part of our scanning service.

Although we cannot create custom naming for every photo, each folder created by us is named however you wish and each picture has a unique number within the folder. This allows you to rename each photo via the reLOVE cloud. Because Nigel had already done the legwork with naming and dating his photos, it made it easy for him to add these details once his photos were up on the reLOVE cloud.

Knowing the stories behind your pictures can help when sharing them with family members for future viewings for years to come. However, if you group your family photos in different envelopes and label each envelope, we can create a gallery for each group and name each of these galleries as you wish.

Dividing up family photos following a divorce can be difficult, but it's important to remember that the goal is to find a solution that works for both of you. Having your family photographs digitally scanned by reLOVE allows you to divide up your shared photos fairly and amicably.


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