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An Excellent Way to Remember My Larger-Than-Life Grandma!

Our team at reLOVE Photos was contacted by a lovely lady named Nina, who needed our help to digitalise her collection of old family photographs. Nina was busy downsizing into a smaller home now that her children had all flown the nest.

With little room in her new home to store the many boxes of old family photographs left to her by her parents, Nina was looking for an efficient service to digitalise them so she could keep the memories they held forever.

As a new grandmother herself, Nina wanted to find a way to preserve the history of her parents as well as her beloved grandmother Sylvia, who was such a larger-than-life character that left a lasting impression on Nina as a young girl.

Sadly, Sylvia passed away many years ago before her children were born. Nina thought that converting old photographs of her fantastic grandmother would be an excellent way to help preserve her family history and share the many hilarious antics of Sylvia that were caught on camera.

With a daughter and new granddaughter living overseas, Nina thought our reLOVE Photo service was an ideal way to scan, store, back up and share her old family photos to help her grandchildren connect with her and learn more about their family history.

Immortalising a true drama queen

Grandma Sylvia truly was the heart of the family while Nina was growing up. Nina told us.

My grandmother was the life and soul of every family party. She would sing and dance, kicking off her shoes once she had gotten a little tipsy to perform, making us all cry with laughter!

But she was also a cherished member of the local community and was especially well-loved by her local Amateur dramatics group members. Sylvia helped organise, promote and star in many local stage plays, revues, musicals, and pantomimes in town. She really was born for the stage.

Nina was particularly pleased that once we finished scanning her old family photos, she could start enjoying them straight away from the reLOVE cloud. Nina was keen to buy a personalised gift USB key to send to her daughter so she could share photos of Sylvia with her family and help keep the fantastic memory of Sylvia alive for years to come.

Nina also chose to have her old family photographs securely shredded and recycled as part of her service from reLOVE, as there was no room for the originals in her new, much smaller home. Around 45 per cent of our customers request this service, which is an excellent option for anyone downsizing their home.


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