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April 2023 - photos of the month

With the kind permission of Alessandro, Mary and Doug, we share below their inspiring stories about having their collections of old family photographs digitalised.

Photo 1: They call me “Mellow Yellow”

Alessandro from Gloucester contacted us at reLOVE with a collection of old photos he had meant to digitise for a couple of years. His mother took them, and following her passing, he finally decided to take the plunge and take advantage of our scanning services.

Alessandro told us, "I was thrilled with the results. My mother's photos were scanned quickly and accurately." However, one of the boxes held a surprise as it contained a collection of mixed photos and was labelled 'Yellow'. Alessandro noticed that none of the pictures seemed to match, other than the fact that they all contained things that were mainly yellow!

Alessandro said, "Mellow Yellow is a song by Donovan. It was one of my mother's favourite songs. It was released in November 1966, the year I was born and while she was studying in the UK - her favourite colour was yellow! I am so glad I decided to have them scanned. It was a great way to preserve my mother's fondest memories.”

Photo 2: Helping Mary to keep family memories alive

After recently inheriting a few boxes of old family photos from her grandmother, Mary from Leicester decided to have them scanned by reLOVE. Her collection included a snap of the church where her grandparents got married, so she wanted to preserve this one forever.

She told us, "I didn't know how to digitise the photos myself, so I decided to get some help. reLOVE scanned all of the photos quickly and accurately, even some old photos my grandparents took that were quite fragile."

"I'm so glad I hired reLOVE Photos to scan the pictures. It was a great way to preserve my grandmother's photos and make them easier to share with my family."

Photo 3: Remembering my last holiday with Nana

Doug from Abingdon has a lot of fond memories of spending school holidays with his parents and grandmother in Scotland. His grandmother lived in Argyll and Bute, and a favourite place to visit was Inveraray Castle. Doug told us, "I remember our last holiday with Nana. We went for a day at the castle and listened as she told us stories about her father, my great-grandad, who worked as a gardener for the estate."

“It has been many years since she passed, but thanks to reLOVE Photos, I can keep alive the memory of my last school holiday with her.”

Do you have a box of old photos you've meant to digitise? If so, you're not alone. Millions of households have boxes of pictures just sitting there in attics, back rooms and garages, gathering dust. But why is it so important to digitise your photos?

There are many reasons why you should digitise your photos. First, it's a great way to preserve your family history. Photos are a tangible way to connect with our past and can help us learn more about our ancestors. Digitising your photos will make them easier to share with others and protect them from damage.

Second, digitising your photos can free up space and declutter your home. If you have a lot of pictures, they can take up a lot of space in your home. Digitising your photos will allow you to store and enjoy them electronically.

When reLOVE digitise your camcorder videos we are the Netflix of your video memories! When we put your audio cassettes on the cloud it is like your personal Spotify and when we scan your photos we are bringing boxes of dusty memories back to life.

Third, digitising your photos can make them easier to edit and share. Once your images are digitised, you can also easily share them with family members and friends to help relive memories and persist them for generations to come.

If you are thinking about digitising your photos, there are a few things you need to know. First, you can use our reLOVE photo scanning and video conversion services to digitally capture your originals, whether they be boxes of old family photographs carefully collected by your parents, carrier bags stuffed full of photo packets from many family holidays over the years or videotapes stored but unwatched for many years.

Second, you can give the gift of reLOVE by sending a gift to a loved one, letting them stuff it full of old photos and return it to us for scanning at reLOVE. This would be a great option for a special birthday or anniversary.

It is an excellent way to gather fragmented photo collections that can be brought back together and digitalised so every family member can keep a complete set of family photos. We often come to the rescue of families who have lost a parent or grandparent who have left behind many photographs. The reLOVE digital photo service provides the perfect environment for them to share photos and videos between family members on their passing and enjoy these memories again and again.

We hope that sharing these stories has inspired you to digitise your old family photos. It is a great way to preserve your family history and make your photos easier to share with your family and friends.


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