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As Bruce would have said... Nice to see you...

We certainly have been playing the Generation Game with the latest full family collection to be digitised in the reLOVE Photos lab. Marilyn G has sent us three separate orders each taking advantage of our XXL+ service to digitise her complete family back catalogue of photos.

Marilyn believes that the photos go back to 1879 and show at their earliest her great-great-great-grandmother (below) who was born two hundred years ago in 1821. It is our privilege to have been able to scan almost 120 years of family photographic history covering an incredible 7 generations and more than 12,000 photos and slides (and counting!)

We have also blended some digital photos from the last 15 years or so into the reLOVE Photo gallery on the cloud so that Marilyn and the family can pull together some photo books using the gallery tools.

We'll be very excited to see the latest book which Marilyn's son has collated as it is being used as the basis for a family history and covers 8 generations - the youngest was born a short while ago and whilst unlikely to ever feature on paper photos I'm sure that she already has a significant following on Instagram!

And for the generations of today, it is most apt to be able to enjoy that book as it brings 200 years back to life and to respond to the catchphrase with "to see you nice!!"

It is not unusual for reLOVE Photos to process complete family collections, often containing more than 5,000 and, on occasion, more than 15,000 photos. These photos are transformed from languishing in dusty albums and damp attics to a digital gallery from which they can be organised, shared, enjoyed and will no longer deteriorate or remain forgotten. reLOVE Photos will make sure every photo is professionally scanned, colour adjusted, orientated and organised as per the family wishes into folders and groupings to make subsequent organisation so much easier.

If you'd like to discuss your family collection and how reLOVE Photos can help bring your fragile and unloved paper photos back to life please contact us on 020 3930 9985 or


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