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Baking for Beginners - Photo Scanning by experts!

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

We were recently sent a large box of photos for digital photo scanning amongst a large customer order that really tickled us. The scanning was booked as a special anniversary gift under our reLOVE give digital photo scanning service but when we processed them we came across some gems.

Our customer Fiona had decided to give her parents, Sabrina and Martin, a surprise they would never forget. She sent them the opportunity to digitise their old boxes of photographs. We were delighted to help and we scanned just under 2,000 photos which they now enjoy and share through the reLOVE cloud gallery.

We couldn't resist asking about a few of the photos and they told us all about Sabrina's father Gerald who every year since he retired got together with a few colleagues that he worked with and they made sure they did something they had never done before.

In 1997 they ventured into the kitchen for their precursor to the Great British Bake Off or Celebrity Bake Off. Perhaps, Gerald could have been the original Mary Berry or Paul Hollywood but regardless we feel very privileged to have not only seen these photos but with Sabrina's permission we can share them with you. And we liked them so much we've included one on the front page of

Scanned at 600dpi with reLOVE as a Gift

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