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Converting old paper photos to digital with reLOVE: A family's story

One of our customers came to us with a rather exciting project in mind. George from Scarborough was interested in scanning his paper photographs to digital so his grandson could use some of the images for his school family history project.

His grandson's class was tasked with researching their family trees and discovering as much about their relative's lives as possible. The teacher was particularly interested in finding family histories with local links to Scarborough or the surrounding area.

George told us, “My daughter suggested photo scanning with the help of reLOVE to put them on a memory stick. We could then choose which ones to use for the project.”

With the help of his daughter and grandson, they managed to get the many boxes of photos out of the attic and sort through them. It turned out to be an emotional trip down memory lane for George, who uncovered a lot of old photographs of his parents and cousins, which he hadn't seen for years. Even this one of his mum, sister and nieces helping Scarborough hospital.

Because George had found so many photos that he had forgotten about, he decided to get as many of them scanned as possible. He began to appreciate the importance of preserving family photos because once they were lost, the memories they held would be gone forever.

George told us, "There were photos of three generations of my family going back before me, so there was more than enough family history for my grandson to use. His teacher was also happy because our family had lived in Scarborough for a long time and was very active in the local community."

George used our Essentials photo scanning service as he already had plenty of sturdy boxes in his attic to choose from to pack up his photographs to send to us. He wasn't sure whether we could use some of the older photos with some foxing and damage to the edges, but we reassured him that we could take these and carefully capture the images they contained.

"The quality of the digital photos was excellent. I was so pleased with the results. I am so grateful to reLOVE for helping convert my old paper photos into digital ones. It was a great way to preserve and make our family memories available to everyone."

“I highly recommend reLOVE for converting your old paper photos to digital. They are professional, reliable, and affordable.”

Working with reLOVE photo scanning services is easy. Simply sort through your photos and decide which ones you want us to convert. Carefully remove any staples or paper clips from your photos, pack them in a sturdy box, place your order, print off your order to include in your box, attach the address label, and post them to reLOVE.

Once your photographs have been scanned, we will return your original photos to you, or you can choose to let us carefully recycle them if you don't have space for them in your home.


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