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Digitise to the cloud and save the planet!

reLOVE Photos have offset more than 250 Tonnes of CO2 since August! We've planted more than 500 trees in the Eden project in Nepal and intend to increase this to 1000 Tonnes of CO2 offset by the end of 2022.

Our photo scanning and video digitisation services have been designed to be eco-friendly with secure shredding/recycling as options for disposal of originals.

Recycle your memories today.

But the most important recycling we do is of memories. We have so much feedback from our customers as soon as they get to enjoy their photos and videos again in digital, share them often with dispersed family and friends and use them to produce photo books and digital galleries bringing the past back to life.

reLOVE Photos take great pride in helping to restore and reenergise the family history - it is why the company is called reLOVE!

Contact reLOVE Photos today to discuss your project and how we can help bring your past back to life!

020 3930 9985


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