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Don’t forget your toothbrush (or your family photos)

We were delighted to bump into these shots from Chris Evans’ “Don’t forget your Toothbrush”. It reminded us that we need an occasional wander down memory lane to remind us of the 90s.

The same is true for many customers. Whilst it is tempting to think that many of the photos we process are black & white photos from the early 20th century the truth is far different.

The 60s-90s saw so much trigger button action, from slides to Poloroids, from the Instamatic to the advert of the Bonusprint and Truprint discount processors. For so many of our customers this heyday of photography captured their childhood, their formative years and their journey to adulthood and parenthood.

We delight in waking their distant memories by taking those dusty photos and unloved slides and giving them a new, valued lease of life.

Maybe, like Chris Evans, once digitised they can continue to entertain and bring a smile for many decades to come.


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