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From Declutter to Crying with Laughter

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

reLOVE Photos has revitalised Dawn and Jim's paper family photos to a new digital height

When Dawn and Jim, bored with Tier 4 lockdown, started to declutter their home after 50 happy years of married life, they stumbled into dozens of alternate wedding photos.

Marie Kondo, queen of decluttering, says sorting out photos is the happiest tidying job ever.

Dawn's best friend Rachel, a mad keen amateur photographer had photographed everything that happened behind the scenes but didn't develop them and give them to Dawn and Jim until years later.

The photos remained in their packets in a large box under the stairs and this is where Dawn and Jim put all of their family, holiday, pet and life photos they were "always going to put into an album". We were delighted when they contacted reLOVE Photos to arrange for their paper photos to be scanned and turned into digital photos that have become truly memorable.

Decluttering has become en vogue during lockdown and Dawn and Jim are no exception to the trend - these on the ball Octogenarians have been delighted to dig out all of the family photos and, with the help of reLOVE Photos (, have been able to digitise and share all of these precious memories with their family.

Their personal reLOVE photo gallery now sports almost 1000 photos covering their 52 years together and they told us they have spent numerous Zoom calls with their family talking through the photos and reliving these wonderful memories.

They particularly liked this photo, it encapsulated their love which has and continues to hold them strong. When they showed this to their grandchildren everyone on the Zoom call was crying with laughter when their 7 year old grandson Ethan pointed out "that they weren't social distancing"!

7 year old grandson Ethan pointed out that "they weren't social distancing!"

At reLOVE Photos we are so pleased to be able to have shared some of the joy with Dawn, Jim and their extended family. And with a modern eye to the future, Dawn and Jim elected for our shredding service for their paper photos to declutter, recycle, reduce carbon and to focus on enjoying the digital memories for evermore.

Dawn and Jim bought the reLOVE Photos Premium service to convert their paper photos to digital. Their daughter, Lynn, has subsequently ordered the reLOVE Premium Gift digital photo scanning service as a gift for her in-laws and a little more reLOVE magic dust has been spread amongst the family!


reLOVE Photos can help you declutter like Marie Kondo or Mrs Hinch. We'll scan all of your family photos, allow you to share them with the whole family and all your friends.

Watch this video to see how you can give reLOVE to your special family and friends. See more

A truly unique gift - Dawn and Jim's daughter Lynn

Dawn and Jim's special day!


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