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If the house was burning down...

Your old photos are sitting in boxes; unloved and unviewed for year after year. But if we challenged you to throw them out ... they'd be the last thing to go.

Similarly, the old adage states ...

"if the house was burning down what would you save?". The textbook answer after people and pets are old photos.

In today's digital age we can be comfortable that photos taht we have taken on digital cameras and phones are generally not only at home but they're safely on the "cloud" and less of a concern.

Our paper photos are not duplicated, if we still have the negatives (effectively a backup) they're sitting with the photos. The photos are susceptible to light, damp, heat, cold and air. They will fade, the paper will rot and eventually they will degrade to the point that the images they carry are unrecognisable.

Furthermore, these photos cannot be replicated and very often they are the key to the past being the only record of families, places and memories that persists.

At reLOVE Photos have made it our business to save the memories, to scan our customers paper photos to digital, to archive them within the wonderful reLOVE photos gallery and to allow our customers to enjoy them once again. We love hearing their stories as they share them, including them within photo books or just know, with comfort, that they'll be safely preserved now on the reLOVE gallery in the cloud.

Have a look around at home, do you have a box of old photos, you may not have looked at it for years but how would you feel if it was thrown out, ruined by the conditions it's been left in or destroyed by a fire. Speak to us at reLOVE Photos we'll be delighted to help you preserve these precious memories for generations to come.

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