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It's not probate!! It's your family history.

We often get asked to scan and digitise old photos discovered by families when they are clearing out homes of loved ones who have passed away. For many families these are the long forgotten memories of happy times, childhood, loved ones and friends.

Rory and Stacey are twins, born in 1971 and celebrating their 50th birthday this year. An unexpected surprise in their birthday year was to be contacted about their estranged uncle, Theo(dore), who recently passed away unbeknown to them. Whilst he left all of his (modest) worldly possessions to them, the cost of clearing his flat largely neutralised any value they might inherit from his estate.

The one thing they were delighted to inherit was an old cardboard suitcase stuffed full of old photos. Amongst the treasures are the only photos they have of their grandparents and their fathers' childhood. There was more than 1600 photos that had been squirrelled away and probably passed to Theo when his parents died. Theo had no children so it will now fall to Rory and Stacey to recreate the story for their children and generations to come.

reLOVE Photos have been privileged to play our part in this story, we have digitised all the photos, they're now safely loaded on the reLOVE cloud and have been shared with other descendants. This is why we love photo scanning, it gives us the chance to bring history back to life and provide joy to families, often in times of celebration and grief.

With the twins permission we've shared a few photos below...

We'd love to share them, it's given us so much pleasure to share the memories of previous generations with our kids and cousins. It's a privilege to be able to open this door to our family history. Stacey


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