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Reconnecting With My Older Brother By Sharing Old Family Photos

Samantha contacted our team at reLOVE to ask for help sorting out boxes of old family photographs left to her after her dad passed away. Samantha had grown up on a farm with her mum, dad and older brother David.

Samantha told us, "Growing up on a farm was a unique experience. It taught me the value of hard work and the importance of family."

She was left with many happy memories of spending time with animals. But her big brother was always there to look after her while they fed the chickens, did chores, and cared for the pony they shared.

Samantha cherishes her memories of growing up on the family farm, and they have become a part of her childhood that she will never forget. However, her older brother David chose a different path. He went to university to study engineering and soon after moved to America to live and work, leaving a big hole in Samantha's life.

Time and distance had taken a toll on their relationship, so Samantha thought it would be a good idea to convert to digital the many boxes of old family photos she had inherited so she could share and reconnect with her big brother.

The years just melted away

Samantha chose our Essentials service and requested her photographs be saved to the reLOVE cloud and a backup copy saved to a USB key to make it easier for her to share the photos with David and other extended family members.

Going through the many pictures of them growing up together on the farm has enabled Samantha to reconnect with her big brother. She said, "It was like the years just melted away!" Both Samantha and David now speak with each other at least once per week, which has helped strengthen the family bond between them since losing their parents. Sharing their childhood photographs was the catalyst that brought the pair back together again.

The Essentials service offered by reLOVE is very straightforward. You send us your photographs in a sturdy box with your order form (or order number) using a tracked parcel service, and we will carefully scan them so you can start enjoying them online in a few short days.

You can choose the approximate number of photos you want to be converted, and we will produce high-quality scans that deliver super crisp images with excellent clarity. And just like Samantha and David, all your precious childhood memories will be online in the reLOVE gallery for you to view anytime.


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