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reLOVE the planet!!

We wanted to do something special in August to ensure that we could make sure that the footprint we leave is planet-positive.

We have decided to hook up with Tree-Nation and invest in planting new trees in parts of the world where we know they provide benefit to indigenous people and our carbon footprint.

During August we have donated 435 trees in Nepal, India and Tanzania. We have offset a whopping 200 TONNES of CO2 but we will not stop there.

We have put in place the following initiatives which not just eliminate our carbon footprint but positively put carbon back into the atmosphere.

  • We will continue to plant trees, we'll do so when we take orders, when we feel like adding more to our forest and when we want to offset significant costs (such as flights or manufacturing).

  • Our website services are carbon neutral - we offset the websites use and provide carbon-capturing trees to offset carbon-leaking data centres.

  • We continue to encourage our customers to allow us to securely shred and recycle their photos - currently around 45% of the photos we receive are recycled. The more we do the more we save on expensive return trips to send photos back for storage in garages, lofts or back rooms.

We'd love to hear what our customers think about our sustainability measures and we'll continue to invest our effort to reLOVE the world we live in.


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