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The Divorce Dilemma Solved by reLOVE Photos

Richard and Karen from Surrey came to us to help scan their photographs following a divorce. Although their divorce had been finalised for a few months, Richard and Karen still hadn't figured out what to do with their joint photo collection. They had taken thousands of family photos together over the years and didn't want to throw them away.

They had both attempted to compromise by flipping through their albums to divide them up, but as they looked at the photos, they were reminded of all the good times they had shared. There were photos of their wedding, their honeymoon, the birth of their children and the many happy holidays spent together - and even pictures of Tigz, the precious family cat!

A friend suggested they scan their photos so both could keep a digital copy and neither would lose out. It was a fantastic idea and one that would enable them both to cherish the memories they contained. It meant that Richard and Karen wouldn't need to split up the albums or need to squabble over who would keep what.

This is when Richard looked online and found our professional photo scanning services at reLOVE Photos. He chose our Premium package because he wanted to take the very best care of them. Our Premium package allows us to do all the hard work for you while you get a reassuring 'white glove' service.

We will send out a box as soon as we get your order. All we need you to do is fill the box full of your photos and send it back to us using a tracked parcel service. The reLOVE lab team will be ready and waiting to scan your photos, and we will let you know right away as soon as they are done so you can enjoy and share them immediately.

Your Premium package will include complete instructions and a labelled mailing bag for you to use to return the photos to us. From the reLOVE cloud, you can download or comment on photos; you can also order reprints and photo gifts straight from the site.

Even though their marriage was over, and things would never be the same between Richard and Karen, they still kept shared photos of years well spent together and could still cherish the memories.

Our professional photo-scanning services can also help you deal with divorce's emotional aspects. Going through your photos can be a way to remember the good times you had with your ex-spouse. It can also be a good way to say goodbye to the past and move on with your life.


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