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The good old days (before the "Rule of Six")

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

When Sebastian (red trunks far right) send us two boxes of photos from his childhood we had no hesitation. The reLOVE team sprang into action, in a jiffy they were re-orientated, red-eye removed, photo scanning complete and loaded to our digital photo cloud.

Within 10 minutes of the link to all 1203 of the photos being sent out Sebastian called. Only an hour before Boris Johnson has announced the Rule of Six (the Covic-19 measure that meant that meant that households could only get together if 6 or less people were gathered).

Sebastian wanted to hark back to the "the Good Old Days" when 7 people could get together on the beach!!! He pointed out this photo as the first he'd seen. He's planning to spend the whole weekend sharing the photos with family, talking about the memories that have sat in his garage for 20 years and now available for all to enjoy. He's promised some photo books to his family and I'm sure he'll busy in the reLOVE cloud for days to come!

This is why we do this, for less than 10p a photo we've been able to bring Sebastian's childhood to life, he can share with Flo (front and centre) who's now in Houston and his parents and aunts. The Rule of Six may keep us apart from loved ones, at reLOVE Photos in our own little way are doing what we can to bring people together.

Explore the website at and the sample gallery at - maybe this is the time to reVIVE those memories so you can reLOVE them all over again. We can't wait to help you on the journey.

By the way and for the record, we asked Sebastian if we could share this story and photo - he was delighted to do so but wanted to point out that we probably wouldn't recognise him now (he's lost the trunks, most of the ginger hair and added a pound or two!!). However, the memories are now more vivid and like his digital photos, due to reLOVE Photos will no longer fade!

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