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The Mystery of The Hidden Letter

Annette from Loughborough approached our team at reLOVE Photos for our help in scanning her collection of old family photographs. She needed us to carefully scan some very old albums that belonged to her great-grandparents and had become quite fragile with age. After reading our fantastic customer feedback, she decided to trust us with her precious collections as she didn't want to risk losing the family history they held.

However, Annette had another surprise in store when she told us about a discovery she made while sorting through her photo collections. We couldn't help but be touched by her surprising yet heart-warming story, which she kindly allowed us to share here.

As Annette was cleaning out her loft in preparation for a house move, she found a box of old photo albums she hadn't seen. While looking through one of the older albums, she came across a letter carefully tucked away behind a picture. The letter was dated from 1931 and was addressed to her grandfather. Her grandmother wrote the letter, telling him she was glad they were getting married because she had discovered she was pregnant. What a surprise!

Annette was amazed to find this letter, and after doing a bit of mental arithmetic, it worked out that her grandmother was carrying her mother, Grace, born in 1932. Her grandparents obviously were indeed deeply in love because the couple went on to have four more children, Annette's much-adored aunts and uncles.

Annette chose our Premium service, which is a truly White Glove service that takes the very best care of your photographs. This is a must-have service if you have older and more fragile pictures to preserve. At your choice, we will return the photos or destroy them once uploaded. When you place your order, you can also choose whether your digital images are provided on the reLOVE cloud or returned on a USB key.

We scanned Annette's photos to the very highest quality for super clarity and added them to the reLOVE gallery. She was then free to download or comment on her pictures and order reprints and photo gifts straight from our site.

Annette decided to frame the hidden letter and display it on the wall of her new home next to a print of her grandparents, which was included in her Premium service and carefully preserved by reLOVE photos. She uses it as a lasting reminder of her grandparents, whose enduring love and devotion led to her being here.


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