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The wonders of digital

Purely by the merit of reading this blog post you are advantaging from the wonders of digital. In the short space of twenty or so years we have globally transformed from a paper orientated society to almost entirely digital driven.

Even the paper we consume today (bar the odd shopping list or post-it) is generated digitally and then printed. Take a look around your home, what do you have on paper that you value or need.

Here‘s a few options…

- receipts and paperwork for your next tax return… is any of this not originally digital form? Unlikely. - your book collection… valuable but entirely replaceable if you could recall what was in it

- old files and records… at risk if disaster struck but highly unlikely to ever be required

So here’s the big one and the focus of this blog, your photos and other family media. The reality is that these photos are not loved or enjoyed and appear, on the surface, to be worthless. But would you throw them away… NO YOU WOULD NOT.

You might have a “backup” of your photos in the form of negatives - but they’re in the same packet and negatives rarely are scratch or blemish free.

When we scan photos (or slides or negatives) to digital we can finally stop the loss - a digital format cannot get damaged by exposure to light or moisture, it does not age or change form or get eaten by insects, it will remain exactly the same for decades to come. the same of course goes for video tapes and cine films.

We make it our business to be digital converters, to provide the best photo scanning and slide conversion service to our customers. We are constantly scored 5 stars on Google for service, quality and value - and we take huge pride in securing your memories to a digital future.

Pick up the phone and speak to us, tell us what you have and we look forward to turning your dusty memories digital so you can share them with all your friends and family.


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